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Conditioning, Barre, Utilities
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Pure Energy

Barre Elements 2

Conditioning, Barre, Utilities

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Turn your Performance Mode on and dance at the Barre. Barre Elements 2 presented by Ellen Tress brings you 2 mixes, ending with the most perfect performance tracks

Mix 1 – Barre Ballet
Taken from the beautiful Mind Body Piano, this mix allows you to create slow and controlled choreography around the space, focusing on form, flow and technique. Allow the piano to guide you through every tendu and fondu, and feel like a true Barre Ballet Ballerina. The 30-minute continuous mix ends with a beautiful performance track – Whisper.

Mix 2 – Barre Dance
This mix brings you the incredible sounds of Mind Body Beats – Jazz House Grooves. At a slightly quicker BPM, it allows you to really dance, move and leave the floor with your choreography. Either use assistance like a pole, broom or barre, or just the floor to really Barre Dance. This is a 25 minute continuous mix.

The Performance Track – Teary Eyes is provided as a 5 minute standalone track allowing you the flexibility to use it when and where you like.

Example for Barre Dance:
Block 1 – 2x Tendus, Pas De Bourree – 2x Slow Glissé, 3x Quick – Slow Ron De Jambe – Developpé a la Secondé
Block 2 – Slide/Chassé to Degage Derrière, Fondu – 2x Arabesque Lift, Ron De Jambe turn – 4x Balancé – 2x Slow Sauté 3x Quick (jumps in first)
Teach Right Left Right Left – Split to teach Right Right Left Left… Performance Mode On!

All mixes can be interrupted in their own beautiful way, as well as used for any express class principle you feel works – Pilates, Yoga, Conditioning, MatWork, CoreFocus.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Barre BalletVarious ArtistsN/A29:58
2 Barre DanceVarious Artists11824:15
3 Teary Eyes (Barre Edit)Sun Hill1184:57
Barre Ballet
Various Artists
0:00 / 29:58


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