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Barre, Core, Intervals
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Pure Energy
Pure Energy

Barre Elements 1

Barre, Core, Intervals

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Barre Elements 1 is a concept release designed to give you different element ideas for your Barre classes. Each volume will give you a range of ideas from our team of presenters to bring fresh new ways to deliver your classes.

Starting with Barre Elements 1, presented by Nikkie Riozzi, this release has 3 sections, each of which lasts approximately 20 minutes in duration.

Element 1: Mix 1 – 100 bpm. 19:55
Technical warm ups and preparation. This mix uses music from Mind Body Summer Chill which is a beautiful accompaniment for your Barre techniques and really sets the tone.

Element 2: Mix 2 – 128bpm. 21:11.
An uptempo mix using Essential Freestyle – Garage that allows for a bit more power and cardio into your session. You could, for example, repeat the exercises you use in the first element but take it to the next level by adding a bigger range of motion or higher repetition.

Element 3: 30:10 Intervals – 80bpm. 21:09
30s work : 10s rest. Repeat x10. Perform 3 reps in total.
Using music from Vibes, this Barre Intervals element could utilise the techniques from elements 1 and 2 and put them into mini sequences. Example: Left Leg: 1 – Point work forward and back. 2 – Point work lateral. 3 – Plié 1st – 2nd 4 – Relevé to Plié 5 – Swings x 8, Diagonal Swings x 8 Repeat on the Right Leg for reps 6-10. Either repeat twice or switch it up and vary each 10-exercise block.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Barre Elements 1 - Mix 1Various Artists10019:55
2 Barre Elements 1 - Mix 2Various Artists12821:11
3 Barre Elements 1 - 30:10 IntervalsVarious Artists8021:09
Barre Elements 1 - Mix 1
Various Artists
0:00 / 19:55
100 BPM


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