Onboarding Team Member Guidance:
Joining a Team

These step-by-step instructions explain how fitness professionals can join their gym or studio’s Team on PURE ENERGY GO:

PLEASE NOTE: If you already have an Individual subscription with PURE ENERGY GO, please cancel this subscription before continuing with the steps below.

1. Open the email from PURE ENERGY GO – this is an invitation to join your Team. 

2. Follow the link in the email to the PURE ENERGY GO website. Log in + join the team:

  • Already have a PURE ENERGY GO account?
    Log in + accept the invitation.
  • Are you a new user?
    Create your account + join the team.

3. Once you’ve joined the team, log out of the website

4. Download the PURE ENERGY GO app from your preferred app store:

5. Log in to the app using the username (or email address) + password that you registered with.

Need support? Please contact [email protected]