Yoga Class Ideas – A Journey Through Prana

Mike Bines is a Mental Health enthusiast, exercise Yogi and a Pure Energy GO Connect Presenter!

Mike worked with us to create an app exclusive album for the Pure Energy GO Service, called “A Journey Through Prana”.

In this post Mike explains how he structured the album and how he uses it when leading his members through his class:

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About A Journey Through Prana

“Prana is energy. Energy can be delivered through the music which generates positive vibrations!

The album begins with an uplifting feel that creates highs and falls in the music letting you devise a yang & yin movement meanwhile still expressing the stillness and focused experience you need.

Half way through the album we reach a mysterious and slower paced track. This lets you start to bring things down to the floor and start moving with more consideration and feeling.

Towards the end of the album you will find your ‘focus & meditation’ section to conclude your practise in a tranquil atmosphere your class members long for to de stress and unwind.”

In the following video, Mike presents a ‘Freestyle Yoga’ class using another Pure Energy GO album that works perfectly for Yoga; Nordic Dreams.

A Journey Through Prana and Nordic Dreams are just 2 of the beautiful albums available through the Pure Energy GO Service.

front cover image of Pure Energy GO Nordic Dreams Yoga Relaxation music
Mike Bines Journey Through Prana Yoga Music album from Pure Energy GO
Exclusively available in the Pure Energy GO App

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