What’s The Best Retro Music For Fitness Classes?

When you’re searching for the best retro music for fitness classes, there’s a wealth of great tunes that span all decades. Hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s are commonly used in fitness music, where participants want to sing along and enjoy the music as much as the workout!

From ABBA to Aqua, the catchy riffs and memorable lyrics are what motivate people in group exercise classes.

The Catch

However, using music by established artists can present problems when using them in an online exercise class or in a venue.

Firstly, if you use ‘original artist’ music in any fitness class, you have to pay royalties. To find out more about why you have to pay PPL and PRS licence fees, click here.

Not only that, if you’re using copyrighted music in an online class, you’re very likely to get your video muted or taken down. If you want to know why you’re getting muted, click here.

The Solution

So you want to play some great sounding retro tracks in your aerobics class, but you don’t want to pay the licence fees, or get muted on Facebook, right?

Luckily, we have the solution!

The Pure Energy GO fitness music catalogue consists of a wide range of albums created for the fitness industry. Pure Energy GO albums cover all workout disciplines and what’s more, all music styles!

As well as cutting edge sounds, we have a wealth of workout music that has a retro vibe, perfect for your older clients and traditional fitness classes!

GO 80s Cardio Conditioning

GO 80s Cardio Conditioning 1 is your soundtrack to the 80s bringing you that retro vibe whilst still sounding fresh and up to date.

The producers mix 80s riffs and drum beats inspired by classic 80s pop, with a Miami Sound Machine style. It’s a versatile and laid back mix at a constant 125 BPM. This suits Lo Impact Aerobics, Seniors, Conditioning and themed classes.

If you want workout music with an authentic 80s sound, this is the album for you!

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Cardio 90s Dance 1

If you love 90s dance you’ll find this fitness music mix inspiring and motivating!

This album has been created by some of the most revered dance music producers in the UK, who have captured that original 90s dance sound. In fact, some of them were producing dance tracks back in the 1990s!

This workout mix will transport your classes back to the heady days of the 90s, and their youth!

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Cardio Disco 1

Cardio Disco 1 is a licence free funky laid-back mix with a disco feel from the 70s.

Its fun and recognisable style is easy to choreograph to for simple Lo Impact routines and Body Conditioning sequences.

Although it’s licence free, your classes will identify with familiar riffs and hooks from the classic era of disco music.

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90s Hardcore Rave

90s Hardcore Rave will take you and your classes right back to the heady days of the 90s rave scene!

At a fast and furious 160 BPM, the pumping beats will have you and your classes throwing shapes!

This release works perfectly for glow and rave style dance fitness classes. You might even want to add some glo sticks to your workout!

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Cardio 90s Dance 2

This album has a truly anthemic 90s sound with influences from artists such as Alex Party and Corona.

The keyboard riffs and catchy vocals will have you singing along to the sound of one of the best eras of dance music.

The authentic feel of this release makes it the perfect retro fitness music for individual and group workouts.

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Cardio Disco 2

Our final recommendation for the best retro music for fitness classes is one of the most versatile mixes in our licence free music catalogue!

With a constant BPM of 125, it works for Abs, Conditioning, Seniors, Barre, Foam Roller workouts, Aerobics and Step classes. The list really is endless!

The lyrics within Cardio Disco 2 are so memorable, that your participants will be singing along to them long after your class has ended.

Click here to listenThis blog post gives you an overview of the best retro music for fitness classes that will motivate and drive your workout sessions without breaking the bank on licence fees!

You don’t need a PPL or PRS licence to play any of these albums, whether you’re teaching in a gym or via Facebook Live. It’s the perfect way to inject a hit of nostalgia into your aerobics routine.

Whether you prefer 90s dance, 80s pop or 70s disco, you’re covered with Pure Energy GO!

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