Top Ten Workout Music Albums

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten workout music albums from our Pure Energy GO range, based on our customers’ feedback!

Whether you want upfront, fast tempo tracks, a retro vibe to get your groove on, or chilled beats for mind and body sessions, there’s something to cover all workout styles.

10. Cardio House 3

This versatile mix is a favourite with Pure Energy customers, whether it’s for a group exercise class or a gym workout. The tempo runs at a constant 135 BPM giving you the perfect beat for powering through any workout, with the catchy hooks and house grooves providing the perfect motivational soundtrack.

Listen to the mix here.

9. EDM Workout 1

This phenomenal mix Electronic Dance Music mix takes inspiration from the huge dance anthems heard in super clubs, raves and festivals around the world. The atmosphere and energy of this music will provide a truly energising workout experience.

Listen to the mix here.

8. HiiT 5

The Pure Energy HiiT releases are structured workout music albums with timed intervals and vocal commands to guide you through your workout. The work/rest ratios vary on each release. HiiT 5 includes 40/40, trisets and giant sets, all set to a driving beat.

Listen to the mix here.

7. Mind Body Fusion

The ideal music mix for a downtempo Mind / Body workout, as well as Mindfulness and Relaxation sessions. Mind Body Fusion opens with a beautiful vocal track with a gentle beat. The mix then takes a gradual decrease in tempo. This is ideal for moving your workout to the floor for Yoga or Pilates mat work.

Listen to the mix here.

6. Cardio 90s Dance 2

Groove and move to an intensive workout with uplifting dance vibes that really captures the spirit of those great moments in 90s Dance music. If you love retro dance tracks, this is the ideal workout album for you!

Listen to the mix here.

5. Latin House Grooves

Latin House Grooves is a pumping fusion of Latin, Salsa and driving House Beats with vocal hooks and South American brass and percussion. The mix will inspire creative choreography for group exercise and motivate you in solo workouts!

Listen to the mix here.

4. Mind Body Beats 4

Mind Body Beats 4 (Trip To Ibiza) is the most melodic and beautiful Balearic mix to date and a favourite with Pure Energy customers. This is a soulful blend of downtempo beats that will transport you away to a sunny Ibiza beach, perfect for relaxation, stretch and meditation.

Listen to the mix here.

3. EDM Cardio Workout 2

The second instalment of Pure Energy’s licence free Electronic Dance Music range also makes our list of the top ten workout music albums! The opening track sets the scene with a great vocal. Then the uplifting beat powers you right through your exercise class or workout!

Listen to the mix here.

2. 80s Cardio Conditioning

This album is your soundtrack to the 80s, bringing you that retro vibe whilst still sounding fresh and up to date. The producers mix 80s riffs and drum beats inspired by classic 80s pop, with a Miami Sound Machine style.

Listen to the mix here.

1. Cardio Disco 2

The most popular exercise music album by far, as voted for by Pure Energy customers! Cardio Disco 2 is such a versatile fitness music album, its retro 70s vibe spans all age groups and the steady tempo of 125 BPM motivates you without being overpowering. Whether you’re working out alone, in a 1-to-1 session or in a group, this release fits the bill!

Listen to the mix here.

This list is compiled using feedback from Pure Energy customers voting for the top ten workout music albums. The Pure Energy GO catalogue of workout music contains more than 50 albums created specifically for fitness by the UK’s top producers and fitness professionals. What’s more, it’s licence free, so you don’t need any extra licences to play Pure Energy GO music in the gym, exercise classes, outdoors or even online – and you won’t get your video muted or taken down!

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