Top 5 albums for Barre classes – By Nikkie Hawkins-Riozzi

I absolutely love teaching Barre! I teach it in many different ways to different styles of music as I like to change things up. With the great selection of Pure Energy GO releases, I’ve really got my creative flow and found lots of things I can do to keep the Barre workout fresh and my class members literally on their toes!

It’s not easy to select only 5 but at this time these are my GO2 albums…

1. Body Conditioning: Tech House. 128 BPM

body conditioning tech house fitness workout

When an album has this many good vibes you can’t not use it! The steady 128 BPM means that I am in full control of my teaching and can use the 128 tempo or the half beat for certain techniques.

It has a great energy that keeps me energised when I am teaching and inspires me.

2. Essential Freestyle by Rob Tissera. 130 BPM

essential freestyle fitness workout

A more Classic Funky House style mix that I love to use, Rob Tissera finds the true house feelings that I love and make me want to keep moving. This album isn’t too deep and on a nice level that should keep everyone happy.

It’s a steady 130 BPM slightly up from Tech House and I would use this on my Barre Booty burn sessions for when I want to push the class a bit further. 

3. Pilates Intervals 8 – 112 BPM

pilates intervals 8 fitness workout

Pilates 30 which is Workout 4 on the album is a brilliant Express workout for Barre Intervals. The workout is 30 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 30.

So I teach it as:

3 x 5 30 seconds of sequences all on 1 leg, repeat the other side for symmetry. Then a new set of 5 exercises.

The perfect workout for Express weeks and our online members love this format.

4. Ibiza Sunrise – Balearic Edition by Jane Wake. 115-120 BPM

ibiza sunrise balearic edition fitness workout

What an inspirational album this is!

Put very carefully together with top producer Paul Chambers and Top UK presenter Jane Wake, they came together on this release and brought everything from Chilled House Ibiza at its very best!

The BPM on this one has a steady climb so the workout intensity can increase and give you a really challenging session. My favourite track on the album is called ‘Keep On Shining’. It makes you feel alive and ready to get to the end of your class.

5. Twisted Disco House – Summer Grooves. 125 BPM

twisted disco house fitness workout

A fun-filled mix with great energy and catchy vocals. I think this has a more lighthearted vibe for when I wanna teach Barre Ballet Basics and focus more on teaching techniques and how to put mini sequences together.

The 125 BPM is great for this and I also feel I have time to cue and deliver all the information I need to give for a safe effective workout. What a great album.

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