The Pure Energy Playlist – 28.10.22

Welcome to this week’s Pure Energy Playlist! We are conscious that coaches don’t always have the time to source new music for classes and might get stuck on ‘repeat’, resorting back to what they know; so every week our expert in-house team of Producers and Fit Pros provide you with new music ideas from the Pure Energy GO App specifically aligned to class disciplines. 


halloween hiit 2 fitness workout

Halloween HiiT 2

All roads lead to Fright Night, so get Halloween HiiT Volume 2 on high rotation this weekend and bring some freaky fun to your classes.

Peppered with horror sound effects, you have a range of protocols to use in class leading up to October 31st on Monday. Don’t forget to click on the artwork on the Pure Energy GO App to enlarge it to give you quick access to the protocols.


Winter Chill – Lo-Fi Beats

As the season starts to change it’s worth bringing Winter Chill – Lo-Fi Beats back into your library.

This was an early release on the label featuring a chilled LoFi vibe, perfect for those early evening Yoga, Pilates and Relaxation classes.

For a more meditative sound, check out Winter Chill 2 – Ambient Moods. 


Cardio Conditioning Volume 5

The Cardio Conditioning range is exclusive to the Pure Energy GO App; it’s a very versatile series of mixes designed to keep the intensity up and deliver an uplifting vibe throughout.

Cardio Conditioning Volume 5 creates an ‘old skool’ 90s party vibe with piano hooks and vocal top lines to motivate any dance floor or studio floor. At a constant 130 BPM this album transcends class disciplines creating the perfect backdrop for you to freestyle to.


Tech House Session – Sam Townend

Tech House Session is mixed and produced by DJ Sam Townend who has tracks signed to some of the world’s leading dance labels and has produced with the likes of Todd Terry.

This is as cool as it gets when it comes to a backdrop for any functional fitness workout. A tech house workout packed full of beats, baselines and vocal hooks straight from the nations coolest clubs to drive those extra reps.

App Exclusive.


Accelerate Mixed by DJ Anne Savage

If you are an instructor who likes to ‘go with the flow’, Accelerate 1 by DJ Anne Savage is a must-have and as the title suggests it just keeps climbing in speed and intensity.

Starting at 130 BPM and steadily building to climax at 170 BPM with some pulsating Drum & Bass and Hard Energy, this album will take you on a musical and workout journey!


dominguez funk presents nu disco fitness workout

Nu Disco

Nu Disco by producer Dominguez Funk is an album loaded with funk and disco tracks.

It’s a full on party album with a cool vibe suitable for a wide range of classes and will appeal to a range of age groups or if you want to choreograph specific routines for dance classes, you have an outstanding selection of tracks to choose from. 

All these albums are available via the Pure Energy GO App – if you’re not already on board click here to start your free trial!

Helen Lee

Online Team at Pure Energy Go

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