The new Pure Energy GO App: your questions answered

On Friday we announced the initial details of our brand new Pure Energy Go music service and app. Although we’ll be rolling out the full details of the service in the coming days and weeks, here’s some answers to your questions to help you understand this ground breaking new service for the fitness professional.

Is there a new Pure Energy App?

Yes, we are launching it as part of the Pure Energy GO Membership Service on the 25th of October. The App has been developed in partnership with a Global Technology company so it is a completely different experience and is very robust.

How much will the Service be?

£19.99 per month based on a rolling membership that you can opt out of at any time. For this single monthly fee you get access to the entire Pure Energy GO catalogue via the new App.

Can I try the App before I become a member?

Yes, we offer a 1 month free trial with no obligation.

Are there any other benefits to being a member?

Yes, as a Pure Energy GO member you will get a 50% discount when you buy any Pure Energy Original Artist and PPL Free downloads. In addition, if you want to download and keep a Pure Energy GO album to play it outside of the App you can do so for £5.99.

What features does the App have?

As well as every continuous mix you also get access to every individual track as performance edits. You can create your own playlists from the tracks and mixes so you can structure your own class. There is a pitch change function as well as a crossfade so your playlists have no gaps. The App also features exclusive mixes and playlists plus exclusive programmes such as BodyMax and Bike Beats.

Will I be able to access the albums I have bought from Pure Energy GO?

The App features the entire Pure Energy GO catalogue so you will come across all the albums you’ve purchased previously, as well as being able to discover a wealth of GO music that you’ve not yet tried, along with new and exclusive content! You are able to play any of our music while you are a member and play the music offline if you have no wifi.

Will I be able to play Original Artist music and PPL Free music on the new App?

Not at this stage, due to licensing restrictions, but it is something we are exploring for the future.

What about the old App?

We will retain this App for existing customers to play their purchased albums but its name will change to PE Play and you will have to download it again from the App stores. 

Will I be able to buy new albums and play them on the old App?

Unfortunately, no, as we are launching a new website with the new App so the old App no longer connects to new purchases. 

What if I don’t want to join the new App but want to buy and play new Pure Energy albums?

That’s fine, we can help you with that, whether it’s getting to grips with iTunes or sign-posting you to one of the music player apps that are available in the app stores. 

More details will be announced over the next few days. Keep an eye on our social media for updates.

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7 responses to “The new Pure Energy GO App: your questions answered

  1. I loved the app as it was and it was great buying the occasional album for my online classes.
    I simply cannot consider £19.99 per month currently to use the new app and it doesn’t appear you’re offering any easy alternative for using your music as I did. Thank you for service and your excellent music, it was good while it lasted

    1. Hi Sarah, Thanks for your feedback. We are still enabling instructors to purchase music when they require it and they can play it on any laptop or device. We are doing a masterclass to help instructors with this. Do you not use GO releases in your F2F classes? Maybe try the new app for free just to get a feel!

  2. Hello
    I am in my account on the account, can you please advise me how I access music and purchase and how I then down load it to either iPhone or another music app.
    Many thanks
    Michelle Goodman

  3. Hi Michelle, you have can access the music and buy downloads via the explore music section of this site. You can then download and play directly from your laptop via iTunes or your default music player. Alternatively you can download directly to your device and play from there. You will find the music you download in your ‘files’ app in your device. All the GO catalogue can now also be accessed via the Pure Energy GO app.

  4. I have purchased a few albums on Pure energy Go, however, do I now have to pay the new monthly subscription fee in order to access my albums?


    Jacqueline Bryon

  5. I’m have the app as a member … I am now having an issue with my mixer while in Zoom classes and have defaulted back to a “shared music” method. I have put the app on my mac, but it doesn’t want to play lol! Is it not useable on Macbook? Thanks in advance!

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