The Creation of Ibiza Sunrise – Balearic Edition by Jane Wake

Leading Fitness Expert Jane Wake has once again joined forces with Pure Energy GO to create a masterpiece in Mind Body music! In this post Jane gives an insight into the intention behind Ibiza Sunrise and how she collaborated with Pure Energy GO Producer Paul Chambers to create her latest release.

I am honoured to be given the task of creating the feel for the next Pure Energy GO Mind Body Beats release. I knew I wanted Ibiza Sunrise to take a different direction to Mind Body Beats 3. To give you something really exciting and new for your classes but also to challenge your class structure and think out of the box.

The Intention

I’ve been teaching and constantly developing my Pilates Flow classes for near on 15 years. The premise always is to have a strong foundation in Pilates but to challenge both mind and body. To think about what you are doing and why you are doing it but to then go from conscious to unconscious and just celebrate your movement.

Basically, you want to set your scene, feel what you are doing, feel progression, feel confident, yet feel challenged, and then just get totally lost in it! So that’s what this album is all about!

The Structure

I also feel there are so many links with a DJ set here. I love how at the beginning of a set, there’s an intro, setting the scene, some playful sounds to get you thinking – get you listening, then progression, progression and it just keeps building! This is the DJ skill that makes you never want it to stop! And that’s what we want in our classes right? No one clock watching, they’re loving every minute and they don’t want the session to end?

The Style

As with Mind Body Beats 3, the music has a Balearic feel. We’ve chosen the title Ibiza Sunrise as this really is the ultimate way to start your day and feel energised all day long. I also wanted the music to match your instructor skills and most of all for the music, as Pure Energy never fail to do, make you as an instructor want to progress in yourself.

The Tempo

The other key element of this mix is that there is no slow reduction. The beat builds to 120 BPM then stays there right to the end without dropping down until a cool down track. I love this way of working. It’s perfect for Mind Body Flow classes where you can spend time teaching at the beginning then get into the flow and keep it flowing. It also works perfectly for any class – step, dance where you want that break down then performance at the end. So I do hope you can experiment with the album and I would so love to see the results – so please do share them!

The Music Production

Most importantly of all let’s leave the last word for the Producer. This album was written, produced and mixed by the incredibly talented Paul Chambers. Paul took my tracklist and turned it into something so much better. We discussed elements of the production and whatever I said, he got it, changed it and made it work beyond anything I could have imagined. The man is pure magic. Thank you Paul!

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