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If you’re looking for an upfront sound for your Yoga classes, Pure Energy GO has a range of modern Yoga music created by our team of world class producers! We asked our community of over 3000 fitness instructors for their favourite Mind Body releases from the Pure Energy GO catalogue!

All the albums listed here feature licence free Mind Body music. This means you can use them online without being muted. You can also play them in any venue with no PPL or PRS licence fees to pay!

mind body beats africa yoga music african imagery

Mind Body Beats 8 – A Trip To Africa

90 to 110 beats per minute

This album is the Pure Energy member favourite with lots of positive reviews! Transporting you to the African plains, it’s a continuous uplifting flow of beats perfect for Pilates sequences and Yoga flows. This versatile album can also used in your Core Conditioning classes and even dance flow workouts.

Mind Body Chill 3 cover artwork black and white with a keyboard graphic

Mind Body Chill 3


Mind Body Chill 3 is a breathtakingly beautiful classical piano mix to accompany your Yoga and Mindful Classes. It truly is an exceptional piece of music. It contains influences of Einaudi as the piano takes you on a melodic journey and the tracks transport you and your class members to a place of tranquility and calm. Beautiful soothing music for mind and body.

Pure Energy GO Chill Hop Mind Body music front cover pink and black with white text

Chill Hop: Mind Body Beats Fusion

90 to 110 beats per minute

This mix has so many levels you can really get creative to this beautiful assortment of breakbeats and soft vocals. You can’t help but move to this! Chill Hop works perfectly as modern Yoga music, but also lends itself well to Pilates, Relaxation and Dance fitness!

Mind Body Beats 6 album cover goa yoga music praying design

Mind Body Beats 7 – A Trip To Goa

80 to 115 beats per minute

Taking the tempo up slightly, this mix has so much to offer your classes if you favour modern Yoga music. A Trip To Goa offers a beautiful musical journey using soft accents from instruments mixed with a flowing beat. A great #GO2Album for all Mind Body instructors. Whether you teach Yoga, Pilates, Mobility, Flex, Dance or even on the bike for themed climbs through the mountains.

Pure Energy Winter Chill 2 album ambient moods chillout snowflakes artwork

Winter Chill 2: Ambient Moods


Winter Chill 2: Ambient Moods offers a beat-free sound to create the perfect meditative atmosphere for your modern Yoga classes. This instrumental soundtrack contains no vocals which lends itself well to Meditation, Relaxation, Mindfulness, Breathwork and the perfect music for Yoga.

mind body music far east for tai chi and pilates oriental cover

Mind Body Beats: A Trip To The Far East

90 to 100 beats per minute

This is another favourite within the Pure Energy fitness community. Continual chilled beats with influences from traditional music and instruments of the Far East. The perfect soundtrack for any Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation classes.

Mind Body Soul RnB Chillout album cover yoga pilates music

Mind Body Soul: Soulful R&B Chillout

60 – 100 beats per minute

This is a beautiful mix! The vocals featured provide a mesmerising and soulful experience for any of your Mind Body inspired classes. There’s no distinctive beat to this release, which lends itself well as modern Yoga music, as well as for Pilates, Tai Chi, Deep Stretch, Flex, and slow Body Conditioning sessions.

Mind Body Beats Goa Modern Yoga Music palm tree green and yellow

Mind Body Beats 7 : A Trip To Rio

90 to 110 beats per minute

Laidback Latin American influenced sounds flow through Mind Body Beats 7, which is predominantly instrumental with gentle samba style beats. The album begins at 90 BPM gradually climbing to 110, before decreasing to 100 BPM towards the end of the mix, making it suitable for Pilates, Stretch, Deep Conditioning and modern Yoga classes.

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