The Best HiiT Workout Music

The Best HiiT Workout Music

What makes the best HiiT workout music? The structure of the workout, the intensity of the music and the pace and duration of each interval can all make a difference when you’re teaching a HiiT class!

The Pure Energy GO HiiT music range features a variety of intervals tempos so you can select the workouts that work best for your sessions!

What’s more, all the music in the Pure Energy GO HiiT albums is PRS and PPL licence free music. This means you can play this music on Facebook without being muted or taken down. You can also play these HiiT albums in any venue or outdoors with no licence fees to pay!

Every Pure Energy GO HiiT album features a timer countdown and motivating voice commands to signal the start, middle and end of each round!

In this list we feature a selection of the Pure Energy GO interval training music downloads that vary in intensity and style, but always with the highest quality fitness music!

Pure ENergy GO HiiT 2 front cover workout music purple design

HiiT 2 by Rachel Holmes

If you teach HiiT fitness classes you need this album!

This download features a Tabata, EMON (Every Minute On The Minute), Pyramid 40/20 and 50/10 HiiT intervals, all classic protocols for interval training.

The BPMS run at 140 and 144 beats per minute. The music is taken from the Cardio House, Cardio House 2 and Cardio Energy albums.

Hiit 5 Workout music download black cover with pink highlights

HiiT 5 by Rachel Holmes

This interval training music download features 3 longer protocols running at 25 and 36 minutes each.

HiiT 15 has the following protocols: 40/40, Trisets and Giant Sets with BPMs of 136 and 140.

The licence free music is taken from Cardio House 3, EDM Cardio Workout 1 and EDM Cardio Workout 2.

Pilates Intervals LiiT Workout music album cover purple mandala design

Pilates Intervals 7

This is a downtempo interval music download, with significantly lower BPMs for alternative Conditioning, Stretch and Pilates classes.

The Pilates Intervals range is perfect for instructors teaching online. The rest time between each interval gives you time to check the screen, give tips and cue the next exercise.

The tracks used in Pilates Intervals 7 feature on the Mind Body Beats albums, The Trip To Goa and The Spirit Of Africa. The tempos are a steady 112 and 96 BPM.

Pure Energy GO Hiit 10 interval music download gold sparkly cover

HiiT 10 Workout Music

The HiiT workout music on this release takes a more retro feel, with tracks taken from the funky Cardio Disco range.

HiiT 10 features Ascending and Descending Intervals, 50/10, 20/20/20/20 and Supersets with BPMs from 128 to 136.

If you’re using this HiiT music at the end of the year, there’s a Christmas edition too!

Pure Energy GO Hiit 14 music intervals download black and green cover

HiiT 14

HiiT 14 features 5 HiiT countdown music intervals with varying tempos and durations to give you more choices for your intervals sessions!

Workouts on this album include Accelerating Accumulator, the Brix Workout, Cardio Resist Workout, Fitness Blast and LiiT 3in1 Workout. The BPMs range from 128 to 175 BPM.

The fast and furious beats in this HiiT workout music download are from the Pure Energy GO Rave Generation release!

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