Step Aerobics Choreography Ideas with Jo Ali

Step Aerobics Choreography Ideas with Jo Ali

Fitness Influencer Jo Ali presents 2 blocks of creative Step Aerobics choreography, giving you ideas and inspiration for your fitness classes!

This video is taken from a recent Facebook Live on the Pure Energy Facebook Page!

We hope you enjoy the choreography and the music!

Jo presents this routine to the Pure Energy GO release Pure Pop – Summer Dance Anthems!

Pure Energy Go Pure Pop Summer Dance Athems front cover blue with pair of mirror sunglasses

Pure Pop –  Summer House Anthems is a fitness music mix that contains all the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ in the music that you want in a workout. So you can build the intensity, excitement and atmosphere whilst maintaining a strong, steady beat. This means that you can stay on track with your teaching focus.

The mix is set at a constant 135 BPM and the music takes you on a motivational journey with some great vocals for you to sing along to whilst getting the heart rate pumping to that strong summer party beat!

The entire Pure Energy GO range of fitness instructor music is licence free. Therefore you can play it in any venue or outdoors with no PRS and PPL licence fees to pay! This also means you can use it for online content and you won’t be muted or taken down.

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