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Mind Body Moods is a celebration of the quality and broad spectrum of the Pure Energy GO Mind Body range! From our signature Beats range to the relaxing sounds of Chill, this album is a curated selection of mini mixes taken from the Mind Body music catalogue, perfect for your express sessions.

Each mix is taken from an album in the Pure Energy GO Mind Body range, with an exclusive preview of the forthcoming release Mind Body Beats: Caribbean Fusion!

  • Mind Body Beats: Caribbean Fusion (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW) – a brand new mix inspired by the Islands of the Caribbean. 83-89 BPM / 19:33
  • Mind Body Beats 5:  Balearic Beats – a beautiful sunset infused beat transporting you to White Isle of Ibiza. 117-112 BPM / 19:23
  • Mind Body Chill: Back To The Future  – find your relaxing flow of mindfulness and get lost in this electronic style 80s chillout mix. (BPM N/A) / 19:43
  • Winter Chill 2 – Ambient Moods – lose yourself in this beautiful Yoga music mix of slow low energy, ideal for your slower paced Mind Body classes. (BPM N/A) / 19:51
  • Mind Body Fusion 1  – a perfect mini Yoga or Pilates music mix for standing to floor work as the beat steadily decreases. Varied BPM / 19:48
  • Pilates Intervals 6 – this 30 minute workout uses 45/15 intervals throughout. Choose this for your express workout to add a new element your clients will love. 112 BPM / 30:15

All the mixes in Mind Body Moods contain licence free music for Mind Body classes. You can play this album in any venue, outdoors or in online fitness classes with no PRS or PPL licence fees to pay, and your video won’t get muted or taken down. This is royalty free music for Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Relaxation and all other Mind Body classes.


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Meditation, Pilates, Relaxation, Tai Chi, Warm Ups and Cool Downs, Yoga


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Your mix download will be delivered as an MP3 which you can open and play directly on your device, and the individual tracks will download as a zip file. If you have any problems, please email support@pureenergymusic.com

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