Cardio Workout Music

From hard and fast beats to funky vibes, retro classics to upfront sounds, the Pure Energy Cardio range has fitness music for every kind of workout! In this section you’ll discover a wealth of licence free music for Cardio that has all rights included.

Future House 2

Selected by Fitness Influencer Jo Michaels

“I can use this album in most of the classes I currently teach. It has a BPM of 130 which for me is just the perfect speed whether it’s a movement dance class or legs bums and tums. I love that you can play a 60 minute continuous mix or select the individual tracks so you can create a ‘finale piece’ to your favourite part of the mix. For me it’s ‘On The Radio’ I just love this track!”

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New Cardio Music

Browse the latest Pure Energy GO releases for Cardio fitness music to suit all your classes!

90s house party 2 fitness workout

90s House Party 2

Dance, Step, Conditioning, Core, Studio Cycling, Cardio, Aerobics, Themed Classes

hard house cardio energy 10

Hard House - Cardio Energy 10 by Rob Tissera

Combat, Dance, Studio Cycling, Aerobics, Cardio

aero energy mash up mix fitness workout

Aero Energy Mash Up Mix

Dance, Combat, Studio Cycling, Cardio, Aerobics


Essential Freestyle

Step, Aqua, Barre, Conditioning, Core, Dance, Cardio

The Pure Energy Cardio catalogue hosts a wide variety of dance fitness albums from Zumba style dance classes to a street dance session.

latin fiesta artwork

Latin Fiesta

Dance, Salsa, Step, Seniors, Aqua, Conditioning, Cardio, Aerobics

afro beats fitness workout

Afro Beats

Dance, Conditioning, Core, Pilates, Aqua, Cardio, Mind Body


Higher Self - Vibes


Cardio Energy 9 - Power Workout

Combat, Dance, Studio Cycling, Cardio, Aerobics

Afrobeats Inspiration

Fitness Influencer Nikkie Riozzi presents a 32 count Dance Aerobics workout to the Pure Energy GO exclusive, Afrobeats!

Studio Cycling Music

Big beats for every revolution, this collection of albums will help you climb that hill and sprint to the finish line in your Studio Cycling sessions.

dj rob tissera presents club euphoria

Rob Tissera presents Club Euphoria

Dance, Step, Combat, Studio Cycling, Cardio, Conditioning, Aerobics


EDM Cardio Workout 1

Dance, Step, Conditioning, Core, Studio Cycling, Combat, Cardio, Aerobics


Liquid Drum & Bass

Combat, Dance, Studio Cycling, Cardio


GO Dance Anthems 1

Dance, Step, Conditioning, Core, Studio Cycling, Cardio, Aerobics

Themed Aerobics

Capture a retro vibe or introduce a theme to your Aerobics classes with sounds inspired by the 80s, 90s, Disco and beyond!


GO 80s Cardio Conditioning 3

Dance, Step, Seniors, Conditioning, Core, Cardio, Aerobics, Themed Classes, Aqua


Cardio Disco 2

Dance, Barre, Conditioning, Seniors, Aqua, Core, Cardio, Themed Classes

90s hardcore rave fitness workout

90s Hardcore Rave

Combat, Dance, Studio Cycling, Cardio, Themed Classes


Cardio 90s Dance 3

Dance, Step, Barre, Conditioning, Core, Studio Cycling, Cardio, Aerobics, Themed Classes