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Pilates Intervals 8 Protocols

Pilates Intervals 8 Protocols The Pure Energy GO Pilates Intervals range is perfect for instructors teaching mind body classes online, as the rest time between each interval gives you time to check the screen, give tips and cue the next exercise without losing the energy of the class. Here we give you a complete breakdown of each … Continued

Hannah Rose performing a sound bath with tibetan bowls

What Is A Sound Bath?

What Is A Sound Bath? With the launch of our latest Mind Body album, Anahata Flow, we asked its creator, Hannah Rose, what is a Sound Bath and how is it produced? Hannah from Good Vibrations Wellbeing is a holistic therapist specialising in sound healing. Over to Hannah: A sound bath is a meditative experience … Continued

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Bodymax Freestyle Strength and Conditioning

Longstanding Pure Energy members will remember the first incarnation of Bodymax back in the 1990s. This was an incredibly successful strength and conditioning training programme that became an industry leader. Now we are responding to the industry’s need for help with introducing freestyle strength and conditioning programmes by refreshing the Bodymax brand. As the fitness … Continued

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The Best HiiT Workout Music

The Best HiiT Workout Music What makes the best HiiT workout music? The structure of the workout, the intensity of the music and the pace and duration of each interval can all make a difference when you’re teaching a HiiT class! The Pure Energy GO HiiT music range features a variety of intervals tempos so … Continued