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Licence Required: PPL & PRS
Album Info
Running Time
Dance, Aqua, Cardio, Aerobics
Primary Artist
Pure Energy
Danny Holland

Ultimate Ibiza 2

Dance, Aqua, Cardio, Aerobics

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Ultimate Ibiza 2 continues your journey to the idyllic White Isle.

Join us at the beach for the after-party and watch the beautiful sunrise to the sounds of Nightmares On Wax, Röyksopp, Lemon Jelly, Air and more.

This release is perfect for your Mind Body workouts and also for cool downs.

Ultimate Ibiza 2 has a varied range of BPMs, with its up-tempo and down-tempo beats you’ll experience the ultimate chilled Ibiza vibe in your classes.

This album is taken from the back catalogue Ultimate Ibiza double album release, and it contains original artist music so you must have the correct licences in place to play it online or in any venue.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Easy Rider (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Deep & Wide1004:09
2 In The Bath (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Lemon Jelly1043:04
3 Les Nuits (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Nightmares On Wax943:23
4 La Femme D'Argent (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Air802:48
5 So Easy (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Röyksopp1043:05
6 Swollen (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Bent1005:46
7 Eternity (Acoustic Mix) (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Orion903:33
8 Breather 2000 (Arithunda Mix) (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Afterlife 80804:29
9 Soulsmooth (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Mahara McKay1303:58
10 Longitude (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Tape Five653:56
11 Soul Connection (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Alexander Vogele & Jillene Luce1303:12
12 Loving You (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Light Of Aidan feat. Note For A Child1301:58
13 Land Of Eternal Sunset (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Almadrava653:27
14 Slow Down (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Jazzy Pecada1302:13
15 Missing (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Rue Du Soleil652:28
16 Dans Les Rues De Barcelone (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Camino Del Sol1302:13
17 Luz de Hielo (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Elenah652:57
18 Night Highway (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)Andrey Denisov1303:43
19 Ultimate Ibiza 2 (Continuous Mix)Pure EnergyVaried1:00:21
Easy Rider (Ultimate Ibiza 2 Edit)
Deep & Wide
0:00 / 4:09
100 BPM


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