Use Online: No
Licence Required: PPL & PRS
Album Info
Running Time
Dance, Seniors, Cardio, Themed Classes, Aerobics
Primary Artist
Pure Energy
Jon Hitchen

Ultimate Divas 1

Dance, Seniors, Cardio, Themed Classes, Aerobics

Original Artist - Find out more about original artist music


Ultimate Divas 1 brings inspiration for your themed Dance Fitness workouts.

Be ready to have a show stopper of a class with top hits ranging from Diana Ross to Blondie and Aretha Franklin!

Starting out at 134 BPM and climbing steadily to 148BPM, this album will have your class’s hearts pumping and soul shining!

This album is taken from the back catalogue Ultimate Divas double album release, and it contains original artist music so you must have the correct licences in place to play it in any venue.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Chain Reaction (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Diana Ross1342:54
2 Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Rachel Stevens1342:38
3 Can't Get Blue Monday Out Of My Head (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Kylie Minogue vs New Order1353:48
4 I Feel Love (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Donna Summer1363:04
5 Ain't No Other Man (Jake Ridley Remix) (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Christina Aguilera1372:34
6 Don't Cha (Ralphi's Hot Freak Mixshow Edit) (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Pussycat Dolls1382:19
7 Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Aretha Franklin & Eurythmics1393:25
8 Searchin' (I Gotta Find A Man) (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Hazell Dean1412:02
9 Push The Button (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Sugababes1422:56
10 Dirrty (Mauve Remix) (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Christina Aguilera1432:54
11 Toxic (Armand Van Helden Remix) (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Britney Spears1432:39
12 Beautiful Liar (Freemasons Remix) (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Beyoncé & Shakira1443:48
13 Hung Up (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Madonna1444:13
14 Rock Steady (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)All Saints1452:38
15 Lucky Star (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Madonna1451:59
16 Robert De Niro's Waiting (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Bananarama1463:03
17 Where Love Lives (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Alison Limerick1473:42
18 Fame (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Irene Cara1482:49
19 Atomic (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Blondie1483:13
20 Get The Party Started (Performance) (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Shirley Bassey1421:45
21 Tell Him (Cool Down) (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)Barbara Streisand & Celine Dion784:51
22 Ultimate Divas 1 (Continuous Mix)Pure Energy134-1481:03:14
Chain Reaction (Ultimate Divas 1 Edit)
Diana Ross
0:00 / 02:54
134 BPM


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