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Running Time
Conditioning, Dance, Aqua, Step, Themed Classes
Primary Artist
Various Artists
Jon Hitchen

Scareobics – Constant BPM

Conditioning, Dance, Aqua, Step, Themed Classes

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Get your freak on because it’s time for the spookiest workout EVER!

Scareobics features the biggest Halloween anthems in a fitness music mix to give your ghosts and ghouls one hell of a ‘spookout’.

This version of Scareobics is a constant 130 BPM, click here to view the rising BPM version.

This album features original artist music, meaning you must have the appropriate music licences in place to play it in public. Play Scareobics in the Pure Energy GO App directly from your device!

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 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Thriller (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Michael Jackson1302:30
2 Somebody's Watching Me (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Rockwell1301:43
3 Ghostbusters (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Ray Parker Jr.1302:42
4 I Put A Spell On You (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Sonique1301:43
5 She Wolf (Moto Blanco Edit) (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Shakira1301:29
6 Disturbia (Jody Den Broeder Edit) (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Rihanna1301:29
7 Things That Go Bump In The Night (Xenomania Mix) (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)allSTARS*1301:14
8 Superfreak (BeatFreakz Club Mix) (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)BeatFreakz1302:13
9 The Time Warp (PWL Remix) (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Damian1302:42
10 Marry The Night (Danny Verde Radio Remix) (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Lady Gaga1302:28
11 Halloween (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Aqua1302:28
12 Wizard (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway1301:29
13 Tainted Love (Warped Bass Mix) (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Richard Grey130:59
14 Nightmare (Remixed by James Davies & Richard Wood) (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Brainbug1302:57
15 Cannibal (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Ke$ha1301:58
16 Blood On The Dancefloor (TM's Switchblade Edit) (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Michael Jackson1301:58
17 Internet Friends (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Knife Party1301:29
18 Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Yeah Yeah Yeahs1302:28
19 Voodoo Child (12 Inch Mix) (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Rogue Traders1302:42
20 Ghosts 'n' Stuff (Extended Vocal Mix) (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire1303:12
21 The Twilight Zone (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)2 Unlimited1301:58
22 Kernkraft 400 (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Zombie Nation1303:29
23 Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (Cool Down) (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)Backstreet Boys1083:47
24 Scareobics - Constant BPM (Continuous Mix)Various Artists13051:08
Thriller (Scareobics - Constant BPM Edit)
Michael Jackson
0:00 / 2:30
130 BPM


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