Use Online: No
Licence Required: PRS
Album Info
Running Time
Studio Cycling
Primary Artist
Various Artists
Nick Wild

Ride Revolution 2: EDM

Studio Cycling

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Ride Revolution is a range of PPL-Free fitness music mixes tailored specifically for Studio Cycling sessions! Ride Revolution 2 features 7 well known classic tracks, remixed and reimagined in an EDM style for a spin session.

Run the continuous programme with timings and BPMs as follows:

1) Warm Up – 125 BPM – 7:30
2) Seated To Standing – 135 BPM – 6:00
3) Sprint vs. Climb – 140 BPM – 6:30
4) Seated – 135 BPM – 6:00
5) Climb – 130 BPM – 6:30
6) Freestyle – 130 BPM – 6:00
7) Cool Down – 95 BPM – 6:00

You can also pick and choose individual tracks to create your own Studio Cycling playlist!

The tracks featured in this release are reworked versions of the original vocals, so although they are PPL Free, you must be covered by a PRS licence to play them in class or online.

The 47 minute programme downloads as one continuous track allowing for gapless playback from your device, and the 7 individual tracks are also included as single tracks on the download – please note the timings of the single tracks may differ to those in the programme.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 I Like The Way You MovePaul Chambers1255:40
2 SorryPaul Pacey1355:01
3 My Head Is A JungleBen Stevens1406:16
4 One KissPaul Pacey1355:32
5 Call MeBen Stevens1305:32
6 ChangingSubooka1705:43
7 This PathHigher Self1005:50
8 Ride Revolution 2: EDM (Continuous Mix)Various ArtistsVaried47:36
I Like The Way You Move
Paul Chambers
0:00 / 5:40
125 BPM


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