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Mind Body, Pilates, Yoga
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Various Artists
Pure Energy

Mind Body 2 (Remastered)

Mind Body, Pilates, Yoga

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Mind Body 2 (Remastered) is a beautiful classical and instrumental album that can be used in many different Mind Body style classes and stretch and relaxation sessions.

With no tempo curve to follow, it’s just a beautiful journey through classical pieces you may recognise from TV and the big screen.

This continuous mix is particularly suitable for Yin Yoga and Mindful Pilates classes, as well as for Stretch and Cool Downs.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Now We Are Free (Mind Body 2 Edit)Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrardn/a4:06
2 Adagio For Strings (Mind Body 2 Edit)Vancouver Symphony Orchestran/a5:14
3 Cavatina (Mind Body 2 Edit)John Williamsn/a3:26
4 Horizon (Mind Body 2 Edit)John Williamsn/a3:48
5 Any Other Name (Mind Body 2 Edit)Thomas Newmann/a3:59
6 Pelagia's Song (Mind Body 2 Edit)Nick Ingmann/a3:59
7 Gymnopédie No.1 (Mind Body 2 Edit)Erik Satien/a3:02
8 Inspector Morse Theme (Mind Body 2 Edit)Julie Allisn/a3:18
9 Air On The G String (Mind Body 2 Edit)J. S. Bachn/a5:12
10 The Unknown Soldier (Mind Body 2 Edit)Nigel Kennedy & Jaz Colemann/a5:30
11 Claire De Lune (Mind Body 2 Edit)Ralph Griersonn/a3:02
12 Winter Ceremony (Mind Body 2 Edit)Paul Brooksn/a2:25
13 Light Of Experience (Mind Body 2 Edit)Pierre Belmonden/a3:17
14 Wedding Song (Mind Body 2 Edit)Paul Brooksn/a3:39
15 Close Cover (Mind Body 2 Edit)Wim Mertensn/a6:05
16 Gnossienne No.1 (Mind Body 2 Edit)Erik Satien/a2:32
17 Intermezzo (Mind Body 2 Edit)Mascagnin/a3:19
18 Pavane (Mind Body 2 Edit)Faurén/a2:40
19 The John Dunbar Theme (Mind Body 2 Edit)John Barryn/a3:35
20 Trois Gymnopédies (First Movement) (Mind Body 2 Edit)Gary Numann/a2:44
21 Mind Body 2 (Remastered)(Continuous Mix)Various Artistsn/a1:14:54
Now We Are Free (Mind Body 2 Edit)
Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard
0:00 / 04:06
n/a BPM


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