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Licence Required: PPL & PRS
Album Info
Running Time
Conditioning, Dance, Core, Aqua, Step, Studio Cycling, Original Artist
Primary Artist
Pure Energy
Gary Gee

Mash Up Mix 6

Conditioning, Dance, Core, Aqua, Step, Studio Cycling, Original Artist

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Inject a new sound into your fitness classes with Mash Up Mix 6!

Each track featured in this mix blends two well known songs in a ‘mash up’ to create a unique new sound!

The Mash Ups featured in this release include Pink vs. Elvis, Queen vs. Booty Luv and Boogie Pimps vs. Indeep.

The 60 minute mix has a rising BPM of 135-145, ending with a cool down mash up: Beyoncé vs. Katy Perry.

This album is taken from the back catalogue Mashed Up 3 double album release, and it contains original artist music, meaning you must have the appropriate music licences in place to play it in public or online.

The 60 minute mix downloads as one continuous track allowing for gapless playback from your device.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 50 Cent vs. Sneaker Pimps (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1354:01
2 50 Cent vs. Alice Deejay (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1363:18
3 Whitney Houston vs. G-Spott (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1362:20
4 C+C Music Factory vs. Sean Paul (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1372:34
5 Zombie Nation vs. Danzel (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1383:15
6 David Guetta vs. The Egg vs. Studio B (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1382:32
7 The Supermen Lovers vs. Sydney Youngblood (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1393:41
8 Pink vs. Elvis (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1394:07
9 50 Cent vs. Barbara Tucker (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1402:58
10 JX vs. Wham! (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1413:38
11 Drunkenmunky vs. Christina Aguilera (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1413:10
12 Rihanna vs. Soulja Boy (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1422:29
13 Eddy Grant vs. SL2 (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1424:29
14 Tom Novy vs. Blu Cantrell (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1433:08
15 Free vs. BodyRockers (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1442:00
16 Queen vs. Booty Luv (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1441:20
17 Michael Gray vs. Yazoo (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1443:33
18 Kelly Clarkson vs. The Lovefreekz (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1441:59
19 Boogie Pimps vs. Indeep (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1453:33
20 Black Eyed Peas vs. Benny Benassi (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy1452:45
21 Beyoncé vs. Katy Perry (Cool Down) (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)Pure Energy904:01
22 Mash Up Mix 6 (Continuous Mix)Pure Energy135-1451:04:50
50 Cent vs. Sneaker Pimps (Mash Up Mix 6 Edit)
Pure Energy
0:00 / 04:01
135 BPM


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