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Mind Body, Utilities
Primary Artist
Various Artists
Jon Hitchen

Lo-Fi Chillout

Mind Body, Utilities

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Lo-Fi Chillout brings the summer vibe to your beat-driven Pilates or Yoga Flow classes.

This original artist release contains a perfect blend of chilled Lo-Fi classics that you will know and love to drift off to.

Running at 57 minutes, the continuous mix varies in tempo ranging between 80 and 97 BPM moving gently up and down throughout.

Lo-Fi Chillout is perfect for Vinyasa Flow, Fitness Pilates, Mobility and Flexibility workouts.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Hayling (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)FC/Kahuna802:36
2 Destiny (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Zero 7 feat. Sia & Sophie813:34
3 Inside My Mind (Blue Skies) (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Groove Armada832:19
4 Slip Into Something More Comfortable (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Kinobe853:06
5 Fifty-Fifty Clown (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Cocteau Twins883:04
6 6 Underground (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Sneaker Pimps863:29
7 Underwater Love (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Smoke City843:36
8 Overcome (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Tricky873:13
9 Stories (The Mellow Mix) (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Izit902:24
10 Life In Mono (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Mono922:20
11 Sunset (Prophesy Album Version) (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Nitin Sawhney feat. Eska952:58
12 So Easy (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Röyksopp972:58
13 Swollen (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Bent963:30
14 Weather Storm (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Massive Attack933:16
15 The Whispering Wind (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Moby952:42
16 My Friend (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Groove Armada974:08
17 Porcelain (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Moby943:13
18 All I Need (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)Air with Beth Hirsch974:37
19 Lo-Fi Chillout (Continuous Mix)Various ArtistsVaried57:03
Hayling (Lo-Fi Chillout Edit)
0:00 / 2:36
80 BPM


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