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Dance, Studio Cycling, Combat
Primary Artist
Various Artists
Jon Hitchen & Richard Wood

Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1

Dance, Studio Cycling, Combat

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Hi Impact Reloaded 1 gives you the perfect combination of classic and up-to-date tracks to add nostalgia, familiarity and motivation to your classes!

With a rising BPM of 140-150 this album features tracks from Joey Negro, Black Eyed Peas, Pussycat Dolls and Alice Deejay.

This album is taken from the back catalogue Pure Energy Hi Impact Reloaded double album release, and it contains original artist music, meaning you must have the appropriate music licences in place to play it in public or online.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Destination Calabria (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal Waters1402:59
2 Bang (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Robbie Rivera presents Rhythm Bangers1402:30
3 So Many Times (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Gadjo feat. Alexandra Prince1412:44
4 Needin' U (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)David Morales presents The Face1413:10
5 Perfect (Exceeder) (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Mason vs. Princess Superstar1423:50
6 Make A Move On Me (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Joey Negro1422:41
7 Café Del Mar (Three 'n' One Mix) (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Energy 521432:27
8 Komodo (Save A Soul) (Picotto Mix) (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Mauro Picotto1442:00
9 Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (Original Club Mix) (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Safri Duo1442:39
10 Be My Lover (Club Mix) (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)La Bouche1454:24
11 Rhythm Is A Dancer (Sound Selectaz Mix) (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Snap!1453:19
12 9PM (Till I Come) (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)ATB1462:11
13 Anything (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Culture Beat1473:43
14 Get Up Stand Up (Phunk Investigation Vocal Mix) (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Stellar Project feat. Brandi Emma1473:40
15 Warrior (Club Mix) (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Warrior1483:41
16 The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Kenny 'Dope' presents The Bucketheads1483:00
17 Don't Cha (Ralph's Hot Freak Show Mix) (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Pussycat Dolls1493:24
18 Bullet In The Gun 2000 (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Planet Perfecto1492:47
19 Revolution (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)BK1501:43
20 The Lonely One (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Alice Deejay1503:02
21 Where Is The Love? (Cool Down) (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)Black Eyed Peas953:52
22 Hi-Impact Reloaded 1 (Continuous Mix)Various Artists140-1501:03:51
Destination Calabria (Hi-Impact: Reloaded 1 Edit)
Alex Gaudino feat. Crystal Waters
0:00 / 2:59
140 BPM


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