Use Online: No
Licence Required: PRS
Album Info
Running Time
Conditioning, HiiT, Intervals
Primary Artist
Various Artists
Nick Wild

Hardcore HiiT

Conditioning, HiiT, Intervals

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Hardcore HIIT is the new release from Pure Energy PLUS – PPL Free Fitness Music!

We’ve chosen the very best pop tracks that transcend all ages and demographics, and cleverly remixed them with UK’s top DJs and producers to create a brand new sound, but one that your classes will know and love! Be ready for some great energy in your HiiT based classes.

We have put together the best of the protocols with theses great tracks for the best PPL Free HIIT album we have produced yet! The tracks featured in this release are reimagined versions of the original hits, so although they are PPL Free, you must be covered by a PRS licence to play them in class or online.

This album contains the following HIIT Protocols:

01) 30:15 Accumulator 152bpm 30:14
Exercise 1/rest. Ex1/2/rest, EX1/2/3 rest etc. up to 10x exercise

02) Triple Challenge 152bpm 23:51
30:30:30s Work / 30s Rest. x12

03) Tabata Classic 168bpm 34:29
20:10 x8. 30s rest. Repeat x 8

04) 50:10 / 40:20 / 40:20 168bpm 15:00
50:10 x5, 40:20 x5, 40:20 x5

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Hardcore HiiT - 30:15 AccumulatorBen Stevens15230:14
2 Hardcore HiiT - Triple ChallengeBen Stevens15223:51
3 Hardcore HiiT - Tabata ClassicSubooka16834:29
4 Hardcore HiiT - 50:10-40:20-40:20Various Artists16815:00
Hardcore HiiT - 30:15 Accumulator
Ben Stevens
0:00 / 30:14
152 BPM


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