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Various Artists
Pure Energy

EveryBody Can Move: Volume 1

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This Girl Can Classes: EveryBody Can Move: Volume 1 is your ‘go to’ playlist to inspire your class to try different styles of exercise in an environment where getting it wrong, is totally alright.

This release contains Licence Included tracks from Pure Energy GO.
Featuring warm up, cool down and main block playlists for each of our five distinct styles:

  • Yoga-Inspired Stretch
  • Move
  • Tone 
  • Dance Fitness
  • Box Fitness

Qualified and Trainee This Girl Can Classes instructors have complimentary access to this playlist.

Not a This Girl Can Classes instructor? Find out more about creating a warm, welcoming group exercise experience for less active women here.

Please note that although the licence free music on the This Girl Can Classes: EveryBody Can Move – Volume 1 playlist can be used online, you are not currently permitted to deliver, post or share This Girl Can Classes content online, either in a live or in a pre-recorded format.

 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Yoga 1: Warm UpVarious Artists1055:22
2 Yoga 1: BlocksVarious Artists10510:19
3 Yoga 1: Cool DownVarious Artists805:32
4 Move 1: Warm UpVarious Artists755:17
5 Move 1: IntervalsVarious Artists11210:17
6 Move 1 : Cool DownVarious Artists805:21
7 Tone 1: Warm UpVarious Artists1255:09
8 Tone 1: BlocksVarious Artists12510:22
9 Tone 1 : Cool DownVarious Artists905:05
10 Dance Fitness 1: Warm UpVarious Artists1305:30
11 Dance Fitness 1: BlocksVarious Artists128-13010:04
12 Dance Fitness 1: Cool DownVarious Artists955:29
13 Box Fitness 1: Warm UpVarious Artists1505:11
14 Box Fitness 1: BlocksVarious Artists15010:22
15 Box Fitness 1: Cool DownVarious Artists1105:23
16 Meditation 1Various Artistsn/a20:16
17 Bonus 1: Carnival Dance Fitness: Warm UpHigher Self1285:04
18 Bonus 1: Carnival Dance Fitness: BlocksVarious Artists128-12011:13
19 Bonus 1: Carnival Dance Fitness: Cool DownPaul Chambers1055:16
Yoga 1: Warm Up
Various Artists
0:00 / 5:22
105 BPM


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