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Intervals, HiiT, Cardio, Conditioning
Primary Artist
Pure Energy
Richard Wood

Conditioning & Intervals 2

Intervals, HiiT, Cardio, Conditioning

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Conditioning & Intervals 2 contains a full class plan that you can mix and match as you wish.

You will find a very carefully arranged album including a warm up, interval protocols and a cool down. With a variety of intervals included, there really is a workout to suit everyone you teach. 

Running end-to-end for just under an hour, you can pick and choose blocks to suit the time you have available.

The BPMs throughout are varied and the style of music is full of classics that will have your classes sing as they train.


 Track TitleArtistBPMTime
1 Warm Up (Phrased) (Conditioning & Intervals 2 Edit)Pure Energy130-1357:45
2 Workout (Phrased) (Conditioning & Intervals 2 Edit)Pure Energy135-14015:12
3 Intervals 40:10 (Conditioning & Intervals 2 Edit)Pure Energy15010:43
4 The Pyramid (Conditioning & Intervals 2 Edit)Pure Energy15019:27
5 Little Me (Cool Down) (Conditioning & Intervals 2 Edit)Little Mix803:33
Warm Up (Phrased) (Conditioning & Intervals 2 Edit)
Pure Energy
0:00 / 7:45
130-135 BPM


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