Music for Dynamic Pilates Classes

Music for Dynamic Pilates Classes

Fitness Expert Jane Wake specialises in delivering Pilates Flow, a blend of dynamic flowing sequences and martial arts inspired moves.

Jane regularly uses Pure Energy GO music for her range of fitness programmes. In this post she explains why Mind Body Beats: The Trip To Goa works so well for dynamic Yoga and Pilates classes.

Fitness expert Jane Wake demonstrating music for dynamic pilates classes with a Pilates Flow move.

“I love the Trip to Goa release so much. It begins with a lovely warm up track that sets the scene – there’s a soft Indian vibe here – you’re on your way to Goa!

I love the beautiful piano tune in this track, it’s a perfect warm up. Then the beat hits in the second track and you land straight onto that Goan Beach!

Gorgeous Indian guitar sounds come through with the distinctive beat of the Tambla drum. There’s a dance feel throughout with a continuous flow through dubbed base and beat, making this great for your up tempo, dynamic styles of Yoga and Pilates but with that wonderful chilled out vibe that enables you to take it slow or raise it up.

It’s a really versatile mix, perfect music for dynamic pilates classes. I absolutely love Mind Body Beats: The Trip To Goa, it’s perfect music for my Pilates Flow classes and my class members adore it too. I’m often asked ‘where is that music from – it’s gorgeous!”

Watch Jane’s perform a Pilates Flow Masterclass via Facebook Live using Mind Body Beats: A Trip To Goa.

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