How Can Gym Owners Cut Costs in 2020?

Like many businesses, gyms and leisure centres are facing ongoing financial challenges in 2020, so owners and managers are looking at ways they can cut costs without affecting the quality of the service they provide.

In this article, Pure Energy’s Andy Pickles focuses on one very simple solution that can save gyms up to £12,000 a year, without anyone noticing…

Why do gyms need to save money?

Like any business in 2020, gyms and leisure centres have had extended closures due to lockdown against the spread of COVID 19.

When these facilities are able to open, they have to adhere to strict social distancing measures which has led to reduced numbers in fitness classes and studios.

Working in the heart of the fitness industry, we are seeing first hand the affect that this is having on both small businesses and larger franchises.

What is Pure Energy GO music?

At the beginning of lockdown we saw vast numbers of fitness instructors taking their classes online.

At that time I wrote a post to explain to instructors why their music was getting muted on Facebook and YouTube whilst delivering online classes.

To help with this issue we launched a new music service, Pure Energy GO, which provides instructors with new music created exclusively for fitness by leading music producers.

Since April we have released over 60 albums of new music and signed up over 1500 instructors, who are now accessing our music by the Pure Energy GO App. The range now covers every fitness discipline and musical genre.

How is Pure Energy GO music helping fitness instructors?

Because Pure Energy GO music is licence free, online videos don’t get muted or taken down.

Furthermore, we have changed the perception of instructors that licence free music doesn’t have to be second rate. As they return to face-to-face classes, they can save money on PPL/PRS fees AND have music for their classes that is as good as any new music released by mainstream labels.

The feedback has been amazing and we will now continue expanding the catalogue every month. Click here to preview the music within the Pure Energy GO range.How can Pure Energy GO music help gym owners and operators?

As gyms and studios reopen we are in a strong position to support operators with a music solution that delivers a quality class experience and also helps operators save a significant amount of money.

For example we have just saved one boutique operator £12,000 per year by switching them to the Pure Energy GO Group Music Licence covering all their instructors and all their classes, and we’re currently talking to one large operator about saving them over £250k.

As a DJ and music lover I appreciate the classics but I also love discovering new music and for the first time there is now a record label for the fitness industry with Pure Energy GO.

The feedback from instructors is class participants are asking ‘what was that music, where can I get it?’

How can I get Pure Energy GO music for my gym instructors?

It has been an interesting few months of conversations with some of the big operators and smaller boutique studios who are facing huge music licensing costs at a time when they are under serious financial pressure.

There is a balance to be struck between the financial bottom line and the quality of experience on the studio/gym floor but I have found ‘hearing is believing’ and once instructors and operators appreciate how good the music is, it becomes an easy decision.

Pure Energy Music is able to provide any fitness operator with a music solution that meets their needs, whether that is a total licence free solution or a blended offer, we have all bases covered.

Find out more about our Group Music Licence here.

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