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Anna Martin gives us her experience and music recommendations when it comes to teaching HiiT classes.


Anna is a lover of all things dance, fitness and resistance related.

With over 10 years experience working both in the community and for gyms / businesses, she now limits her classes and personal training to her community crew Anna Martin Fitness.

Anna is also a Master Trainer at Clubbercise.


“HiiT was one of the first ever freestyle classes I taught, and probably one of the easiest to get started with.

It’s quick to plan, has great appeal to clients and it’s also pretty flexible!

It works really well in a circuit format so if you have limited equipment it’s simple to cycle everyone through different stations.

The only real downside for me was having to time the workouts myself, coach, and then shout out the inevitable 3, 2, 1”.


“When I discovered the Pure Energy GO range, it was a game changer for me, with flexible intervals, awesome tunes and now the ability to play in app AND offline, perfect for my town hall classes that have no signal.

HIIT is so versatile – you can create themed workouts, body part focused workouts, use different intervals and training methods as well as using them to bring your community together with team and partner work.

Quick & effective workouts draw in clients with little time and being able to adapt those workouts to a range of fitness levels means we have the privilege of introducing more people to the fitness training world, and open our clients’ minds to something different.

That is one of the best things about the Pure Energy GO’s HiiT range.

Whilst it might sound intimidating to complete beginners, HiiT is so flexible it’s possible to include multiple fitness levels in one class.

HiiT is based on the participant reaching high percentages of their maximum heart rate. As the individual becomes fitter, it’ll take harder work to reach that heart rate but it can be done with similar exercises. The workout progresses as the client progresses.

Decreasing the intensity for clients who need to modify is simple and will decrease their work rate whilst still keeping that person feeling that they are reaching the target output.

How incredible to be able to bring such a vast range of clients and fitness levels together under one roof. That feeling of group motivation & camaraderie, with great music and inspiring class plans is the perfect recipe for fitness magic.”


HiiT & MIX
This HiiT & MIX album is put together with a variety of different protocols in the same class, giving you the ability to combine different exercises and ‘focuses’ for each section of your class. I loved being able to put together the workout block by block so I could keep it fresh especially to create a ‘total body workout’ for my online crew!

HiiT 27
I love HiiT 27 and especially the ‘MetCon’ track because it’s been so flexible for different classes including more core and booty interval workouts! Also, if you’re a garage head like me you’ll LOVE the Garage HiiT track… one of my faves!

HiiT 28
My favourite interval from HiitT 28 is Dirty 30.
I’ve used Dirty 30 for a few workouts both on demand and in person. I liked being able to repeat the exercises I chose without them becoming too repetitive and it’s exactly 30 minutes long which meant I could include my warm-up as part of the same structure.

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