HiiT 15 Protocols

HiiT 15 Protocols

HiiT 15 Protocols

This is a complete breakdown of the protocols on HiiT 15 – a licence free fitness music release with timed intervals and vocal commands for a variety of interval training sessions!

This listing includes the BPMs, running times, number of exercises and rounds and the work/rest times for each exercise in each round.

The music used in HiiT 15 is Rights Included, so you can use it for online content without the risk of being muted or taken down. For more information about that, click here.

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Workout 1 – Cardio Resist 45

BPM: 160/130
Running Time: 38:01

After some fantastic feedback about the Cardio Resist protocol on HiiT 14, we’ve gone hard and fast and increased the work time with a 45 second Cardio / Resistance workout!

This is a 45:45 protocol – 45 seconds of a Cardio exercise at 160 BPM followed by 45 seconds of a Resistance exercise at 130 BPM – repeat 6 times then end the round with a 30 second rest.

Repeat for 4 rounds.

Workout 2 – 20:30:40

BPM: 140
Running Time: 10:45

This short protocol consists of 3 exercises, exercise 1 is 20 seconds, exercise 2 is 30 seconds, exercise 3 is 40 seconds, followed by a 15 second rest to finish the round.

This protocol is good for progressing an exercise, for example you could start with a static squat, then a power squat, then a jumping squat.

Repeat for 6 rounds.

Workout 3 – The 24 Workout

BPM: 145
Running Time: 28:12

This workout consists of 24 x 1 minute intervals with a 10 second rest between each exercise.

The tempo of this protocol is a bit slower and with longer intervals it lends itself well to Cardio, Strength, Power, Plyometrics.

You could choose 24 different exercises, or exercises that repeat, for example an upper body, a lower body, 2 core exercises, 2 cardio exercises, then repeat.

Workout 4 – Mega Abs Blast

BPM: 130
Running Time: 13:08

This shorter protocol consists of 4 exercises with 45 seconds work each, then 15 seconds rest, for example:

  • Exercise 1 for 45 seconds
  • Exercise 2 for 45 seconds
  • Exercise 3 for 45 seconds
  • Exercise 4 for 45 seconds
  • Rest for 15 seconds

Repeat this round 4 times.

Workout 5 – The Power Up Workout

BPM: 135/140/145/150
Running Time: 11:55 

This protocol consists of 4 exercises that increase in duration and speed throughout the round, for example:

  • Exercise 1 for 15 seconds starting at 135 BPM
  • Exercise 2 for 20 seconds starting at 140 BPM
  • Exercise 3 for 30 seconds starting at 145 BPM
  • Exercise 4 for 40 seconds starting at 150 BPM
  • Rest 15 seconds

Repeat for 6 rounds.

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