For Gym Owners and Operators


The Pure Energy Group Fitness Music Licence has been designed to provide gym and leisure operators with a flexible music solution that not only saves considerable money on PPL and PRS licence costs but also, just as importantly, delivers a quality experience for customers and gym instructors. 

The industry has previously had to endure a poor standard of music if an instructor or operator needed to save money and use ‘licence free’ or ‘PPL free’ music, but not any more!

The record label for the fitness industry

Our GO label is a record label for the fitness industry. The reason our music is of such a high standard is because every track is created by the same producers who create commercial releases. 

Through Pure Energy we can meet all your music needs as a gym operator, whether that is totally licence free via our Pure Energy GO productions, original artist music via our Pure Energy Music service, or PPL free with our PLUS releases.

How much can you save?

Whilst we all love to hear the classics and current chart hits while working out, it does come at a cost for a gym operator.

For every class that uses original artist music administered via PPL and PRS, the following costs apply:

  • PPL £1.65 plus VAT 
  • PRS £1.72 plus VAT 

Total per class £3.33 plus VAT 

If you choose to use purely Pure Energy GO releases your additional class cost is zero. Should you wish to blend your timetable with our PPL free releases, featuring known songs, you just have to pay the PRS element of the tariff. 

group exercise pilates stretch in a gym with glass windows

Whichever way you choose to programme your timetable, we have a solution for you

The Pure Energy Group Fitness Music Licence gives gyms access to an instant catalogue of 60 high quality licence free releases with new titles added every month, along with 10 PPL free releases and further additions every month. As well as the mixed programmes, your instructors will have access to over 300 individual tracks to create their own playlists via the Pure Energy GO App. 

With the Pure Energy Group Fitness Music Licence you can access all our music all the time via the Pure Energy GO App and you choose how many of your instructors you wish to access your licence.

To discuss your requirements with us and discover how the Pure Energy Group Fitness Music Licence can work for your centres, please email [email protected] or call 01709 710022