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The Pure Energy GO isn’t just for individual instructors who have taken their delivery online; our licence free fitness music catalogue is now being utilised by group exercise brands and corporate fitness chains, and in the case of GroovX Fitness, it has become an integral part of a brand new online fitness programme. We spoke to Founder Lisa Hillier to find out more.

What is GroovX Fitness?

GroovX Fitness is a multi-format exercise system comprising of 8 different class formats; GroovX Box, Stix, Sculpt, Blast, Dance, Flow, Gold, and Latin! It was launched in July 2020 and was created to give instructors and facilities the opportunity to build an offline and online fitness business. There is a simple monthly subscription and no up-front training fees.

GroovX Fitness delivers high-quality content and uses license-free music that can be played and streamed anywhere. GroovX Fitness was created and developed by us, Lisa and Pete Hillier. We are a husband and wife team with 10 years of experience in the fitness industry and we are committed to helping fitness instructors and operators build a successful business using the GroovX formula.

What Inspired You To Create GroovX Fitness?

GroovX Fitness was created in lockdown back in May 2020. It was created initially to help fitness professionals overcome the numerous hurdles they were having to face. During the lockdown period, fitness professionals were forced to transfer their classes online and were up against many barriers when it came to streaming live music. We wanted to create a concept that would incorporate licence free music. Pure Energy was the obvious choice given that they provide high quality music for the fitness industry and so a partnership was born! By using music from the Pure Energy GO range, this meant that fitness professionals could use pre-choreographed content on all social media and communication platforms without being muted or blocked. There was also the opportunity for fitness professionals to film and create their own on-demand fitness businesses using the GroovX content and Pure Energy GO music.

We decided to set a base qualification of Level 2 sport or fitness for all prospective instructors. We also decided to eliminate the up-front training fee and course due to the instructor’s professional qualifications, knowledge, and skills. So signing up was instant and a full training manual is now provided to help and guide our instructors. This runs alongside marketing materials, training tutorials, and live webinars on marketing, creating content etc. We wanted to create an all in one system for instructors who didn’t have the time to create content or marketing materials.

How has it benefited you partnering with Pure Energy GO?

Partnering with Pure Energy has given us the opportunity to communicate with the full team and work together to help build our fitness brand. When we partnered with Pure Energy GO we were able to offer discounted codes to all our GroovX instructors which could then be used to purchase music used within the GroovX formats. By partnering together it gives us and our instructors a reputable music provider. In addition, we are looking forward to the partnership growing and developing with Pure Energy. We look forward to working together and providing input/feedback in regards to music content, style, and structure

What are your future plans for GroovX?

Moving forward we plan to continue to grow our team of instructors and extend to fitness facilities and reach more countries. We will also continue to help and support our instructors throughout their GroovX journey with us.

How can instructors find out more about GroovX?

For anyone who is interested in becoming a GroovX instructor they just need to click this link to access more information, view sample choreography, and sign-up. This process is simple and easy and you also receive a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can try out the whole experience with no risk.

If you would like to parter with Pure Energy GO to supply music for your fitness franchise, please get in touch [email protected]

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