Control your music directly from your device with the new Pure Energy GO App!

Sync your Pure Energy GO purchases to your mobile, organise your albums and control the speed of your music all with the touch of a button.

With the Pure Energy GO App it couldn’t be simpler; all your purchases will appear automatically when you log in on your chosen device, then you can opt to play your music by streaming via the internet, or download to your device for playing offline so you don’t need to worry about WI-FI connectivity or using up your data.

The Pure Energy GO App is available for both Android and Apple devices.

User Guide
Once you’ve downloaded the App to your device, use your Pure Energy GO website details to log in to the App.

You can then find a User Guide contained within the App.

Tech Spec
Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Please note there may be some differences in the way the App is displayed on screen sizes of 4.7” or smaller.

Android – Minimum spec is devices running 6.0 Marshmellow API 23

Support Info
Need help to get up and running with the Pure Energy GO App? Chat to us using the pop up box on this page, or drop us an email at

Future Developments
The Pure Energy GO App is constantly evolving, with new features and developments being rolled out in the coming weeks including:

  • single track selection and the ability to build your own playlists
  • improved layout for smaller screen sizes
  • a version specifically designed for the iPad
  • a search facility
  • personalised notification
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