Fitcamps People’s Presenter 2022

Pure Energy Label Manager Nikkie Riozzi reflects on the annual Fitcamps convention, and shares her thoughts on winning the Fitcamps People’s Presenter Award!

I woke up on Monday morning with the post-convention blues, aches and pains, a full washing basket but a very happy heart with not only my sessions and seeing everyone dance their socks off, but having the unexpected honour of accepting a Fitcamps Presenter of the year award! 

Fitcamps UK is hosted by industry legend Lydia Campbell who brings over 40 presenters together to produce a jam-packed timetable.

From a Label Manager point of view, it felt so amazing to walk around the many sessions to hear Pure Energy GO music blasting from the speakers! The vibe was unreal and just made it for me! The Resistance album was used several times, and Mind Body albums galore! Lydia showcased her masterclass album in the main room presenting her Trigger Point Pilates and it fit so perfectly, what a dream mix that is (available exclusively on the Pure Energy GO App).

After the classes on Saturday, the evening was a fun Disney-themed night where the participants and presenters got dressed up as their favourite Disney characters and created a parade around the venue and everyone looked so good!

After the Disney parade, Lydia hosted a Saturday evening awards which consisted of a Lifetime Achievement Award which was given of course to the Master of the Step, Mr. Steve Watson the legend himself!

The New Brand of the Year went to Stuart from YogaLife whose sessions were phenomenal and not to be missed if you get the opportunity.

The Best Disney costume went to my Sister from another Mister Lady Kat Smith for her immense self-made Ursula from the Little Mermaid costume.

Then the people’s vote for the Presenter of Fitcamps 2022 went to little old me! What a shocker that was! I thought I heard my name but then thought who else is called Nikkie? LOL! Everyone cheered and called me to the stage to see Lydia who was dressed up as Maleficent! She gave me the biggest hug and thanked me for everything I bring to my classes. 

There is something very special about that experience as fitness professionals to be shown recognition or appreciation, as it can sometimes feel like you’re overlooked or people assume you’re ok. Mental health plays a big part in my confidence and what I do. I am actually more confident teaching to a room of hundreds of people than I am in social situations, so to accept an award in a very busy social evening event with everyone there is very overwhelming and to be honest as soon as we took a picture I asked Lydia if I could go home!!!!

This is also why I love teaching my online classes so much. Not only do I get creative freedom with our Private Facebook Studio but I can be my true self and they all appreciate the moves, the grooves, and all the tunes without any awkward face-to-face moments.

If you have never been to Fitcamps you must try it next November at Ribby Hall Preston. It has masterclasses, education workshops, and beautiful accommodation. Even a spa! It’s a must-go-to if you have never been check out

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