Express Workout Ideas with GO Express!

Express Workout Ideas with GO Express!

Fitness Expert Rachel Holmes has put together some ideas and suggestions for how to use the new 20 minute fitness mixes on GO Express for shorter workouts!

GO Express features 8 shorter 20 minute fitness music mixes in a range of tempos and music styles!

The 20 minute mixes featured on GO Express are perfect for presenting mini tasters, either live or pre-recorded, to post extensively across your Social Media. Use these to attract new members into your Face to Face and online memberships. Make sure you add a call to action at the end – what do you want people to do? Direct them to a sales page or to DM you for your September timetable.

Express Workout Ideas for GO Express Mixes

  1. Express Vibes (75-100 BPM)
    This is a beautiful workout mix – Try slow deep conditioning routines, slow body conditioning, choreographed stretch.
  2. Express Combat Energy (170 BPM)
    Build simple combat routines and add High Impact for variety.
  3. Express Street Beats (100-115 BPM)
    This can be used for a dance style class or works brilliantly for Barre and slow Conditioning.
  4. Express Best of Chill Hop (95-110 BPM)
    Teach a stretch, Pilates or Yoga sequence using this.
  5. Express Cardio Session (135-140 BPM)
    Awesome for Hilo, Step, warm ups or cools downs.
  6. Express Body Conditioning (128 BPM)
    All kinds of Body Conditioning work well with this.
  7. Express Aerobic Blast (145-150 BPM)
    Old Skool Aerobics classic moves work well to this.

Here are some more albums that feature shorter mixes to give you express workout ideas for your fitness sessions!

body blast mashup fitness workout
mind body moods fitness workout
go gx fitness workout

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