Bodymax Freestyle Strength and Conditioning

Longstanding Pure Energy members will remember the first incarnation of Bodymax back in the 1990s. This was an incredibly successful strength and conditioning training programme that became an industry leader.

Now we are responding to the industry’s need for help with introducing freestyle strength and conditioning programmes by refreshing the Bodymax brand.

As the fitness industry is constantly shifting, we want to provide you with the right music and format that enables you to use your knowledge of teaching structured strength and conditioning sessions but give you the ability to freestyle around a programme.

Each Bodymax album consists of a series of strong, uplifting tracks matched to particular bodyweight exercises. You then have the option of running the full programme or picking individual tracks that fit your session.

With Bodymax you have the freedom to inject your own style and personality into your own strength and conditioning programme.

We are building the Bodymax range to allow you to run a regular programme, either online or in any venue.

The fitness music in Bodymax is PRS and PPL licence free, meaning you have no additional licence fees to pay. You can also use this workout music online without being muted or taken down.

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