We Are Pure Energy

Pure Energy is Europe’s largest fitness music provider, supplying all aspects of the industry with innovative music solutions for over 25 years. 

The Pure Energy team consists of World renowned fitness professionals and music producers who combine their skills and knowledge to ensure that every release is crafted to perfection.

Pure Energy continually strives to meet the demands of new fitness trends, technology and influences, and has most recently introduced a bespoke App for instructors to stream and control their music, as well developing a groundbreaking range of music to service the growing need for audio content for online fitness classes.

The Pure Energy catalogue boasts three main brands which deliver both licensed and licence free music solutions to individual instructors, independent gym owners and multi-site operators across Europe and beyond.

The Pure Energy Brands

Pure Energy

Our flagship range consists of the best music mixes and compilations of original artist music, encompassing all musical styles and eras from the 60s to present day. Each release is crafted to suit particular fitness disciplines, whether that be timed intervals with vocal commands for HiiT workouts, phrased continuous mixes for traditional Aerobics classes or compilations of tracks ranging in speed and intensity for Studio Cycling sessions play these albums in public or online.

Pure Energy PLUS

Music licensing costs can often be prohibitive for gym owners and operators, so with this in mind the Pure Energy PLUS brand offers a PPL Free music solution. The tracks featured in these releases are rebooted and reimagined versions of original hits, taking high quality vocals which are true to the originals and creating remixes using state of the art production techniques. Although Pure Energy PLUS albums are PPL Free, you must be covered by a PRS licence to play them in class or online..

Pure Energy GO

Pure Energy GO is a music service for fitness instructors who want access to quality music they can play during traditional classes and online, whether that is for live streaming or for posted videos, without the associated cost and copyright issues. With Pure Energy GO you pay once and you are free to play it in any class or online with no additional costs or fear of being muted or taken down.