10 Licence Free Fitness Music Albums You Should Have In Your Collection

Since we launched Pure Energy GO in April, it’s been a whirlwind of releases as we strive to keep you up to date with licence free music for your online fitness classes, and with the pace of new albums we’ve produced it would be no surprise if there are a few gems that may have slipped through your net in the past 7 months.

Here’s a quick roundup of 10 of my personal favourites that you may have missed, but you need in your fitness music library!

Cardio House 1

Our very first House release on GO and still one of the best!  This is a great mix to start a class with, perfect for warm up, Step, Conditioning, floor work ideas, and Hi/Lo Aerobics!

Cardio House 3

This album has a gorgeous house groove by producer and Pure Energy GO legend Paul Chambers.

It’s another perfect mix to kick your class off with, as well as for Step, Dance, and Conditioning sessions.

Mind Body Soul

A little different to our other Mind Body albums, this release features a soulful vocal tracklist that works beautifully for cools downs and soulful stretch classes.

Cardio Combat 2 by Ceri Hannan

As Ceri himself says, this really is the Swiss Army Knife of fitness music! At a fast and furious 170 BPM it can also be used for Combat, Circuits, and Hi Impact Aerobics but can also be used on the half beat for slower more controlled sessions.

HiiT 4b

This is a great utility! A must-have in everyone’s catalogue as it has all the HiiT interval standards – one you can pull out and do a great HiiT class to without having to think too hard about the protocols.

Future House 2

This is a very cool house mix that really inspires you to create fabulous content – it works well for all ages and demographics. It’s a great opener and perfect for warm ups as well as Step and Conditioning choreography.

EDM Workout 2

A total banger and a fantastic mix to set a positive vibe for your class! It’s perfect for warm ups, Conditioning, Step, floor work and strength and conditioning work.

Latin House Grooves

This release has such a summery sunny vibe, even for the most miserable of days! It works well for Seniors, dance classes, latin inspired Aerobics, and fun Conditioning sessions!

Cardio 90s Dance 2

There’s an authentic 90s Dance vibe to this release that will take your classes back in time! It makes a great opener for online classes, and is well suited for Step and Aerobics as well as 90s themed classes

Mind Body Beats 2

This is such a versatile release for Mind Body classes! It’s a a trip hop, Massive Attack influenced mix, exploring laid back funky beats whilst remaining under 100 BPM.

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